Avance Hydrogen Passport

The I-REC (HX) Product Code for Hydrogen

Independently verified, real-time, ex post record of attributes for hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives fuels and products across the supply chain.

The Impact of Hydrogen on World Energy


Hydrogen stands poised to make a significant impact on our low-carbon energy future.

By 2050, hydrogen has the potential to meet 12% of global energy demand and reduce 10% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. source: (International Renewable Energy Agency).

To ensure its seamless integration into the ongoing energy transition, establishing a globally recognized standard for hydrogen certification is of paramount importance.


The Impact of the I-REC Ecosystem for Electricity on World Energy

Our Hydrogen Passport is Plugged into the Proven and Highly Successful I-REC Ecosystem

  • 520 million

    I-REC (E) Certificates issued

  • 195

    GW Capacity

  • 4249

    Total Devices

Leading the Seismic Shift in Hydrogen Certification

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    Technology Agnostic

    Covering all hydrogen production pathways and associated inputs (electricity, natural gas, water, and carbon reduction and removal).

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    Interoperable Product Codes

    Attribute tracking, aggregation and certification across the entire hydrogen supply chain based on single attribute tracking standard.

  • carbon_compare

    Net Zero Benchmark

    Objective apples-to-apples comparison of product attributes on a global basis.

Certification Components

The I-REC (HX) ecosystem is comprised of 8 seamlessly integrated components with checks and balances ensuring transparency and independence across the certification’s lifecycle, from issuance to transfer and redemption.

Our ecosystem enables end-users to demonstrate the carbon emissions attributes of their hydrogen consumption and meet their emissions reduction targets and ESG reporting requirements globally.

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