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I-REC Standard Foundation & Avance Labs unveil the I-REC(HX)

Nov 7, 2023

For the I-REC Foundation-Avance Hydrogen Product Code Press release, visit here.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The I-REC Standard Foundation and Avance Labs are proud to announce the release of the I-REC for Hydrogen and Hydrogen Derivatives Product Code – the I-REC(HX) Product Code. The release and subsequent consultation come ten productive months after the initial MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed by Avance and the I-REC Standard.

Hydrogen is expected to complement renewable electricity and play an integral role in the world’s transition towards a cleaner and more secure energy future. With the scale-up of hydrogen use and applications, hydrogen investments around the world will see a significant and steady increase. Avance’s I-REC(HX) Product Code, and its adherence to the I-REC Standard’s International Attribute Tracking Standard, ensures there are the necessary checks and balances in the governance structure to ensure Avance is an independent market facilitator and a neutral and fair market facilitation body.

The full press release and information on the consultation of the I-REC(HX) Product Code can be found on I-REC Standard Foundation website here or at Avance directly here.

For more information on the development of the Hydrogen Product Code, stakeholders, and interested parties, Avance Labs can be reached via or by emailing

The I-REC Standard Foundation can be reached via or by emailing

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