Dec 1, 2023

For Bureau Veritas and Avance Labs MOU Press release, visit here.

Bureau Veritas and Avance Labs (‘Avance’), the I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificate) accredited code manager for the tracking and certification of attributes associated with hydrogen and hydrogen derivative fuels and products, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) which recognizes the mutual interest and benefit of establishing a cooperation in the field of attributes verification and certification. Bureau Veritas would act as the exclusive Assurance Service Provider on piloting phase of the I-REC (HX) Hydrogen Code. 

A diverse range of energy players are currently launching projects to develop hydrogen production and use. The nascent low carbon hydrogen market faces many challenges. Among these is a lack of codes and standards, resulting in emerging needs for technical advisory, certification, testing, training, and traceability. 

With a rich history of shaping trust, and bringing transparency, and quality assurance to clients, Bureau Veritas has the expertise to support hydrogen industry players today and tomorrow. The Group is actively involved in developing and implementing low carbon hydrogen certification plans around the world. In addition, it is recognized as a key contributor to hydrogen accelerated development in the major production and off-taker markets, ensuring its clients’ projects gain trust and credibility. Bureau Veritas performs around 300,000 audits each year, providing its clients with the same high level of quality worldwide, thanks to more than 7,400 experienced auditors and centralized support. 

Avance has recently announced the I-REC (HX) Product Code for Hydrogen, which governs the tracking and certification process for hydrogen and hydrogen derivative fuels and products. Avance was accredited earlier in 2023 by the I-REC Standard Foundation, the creator of the I-REC (E) Product Code for electricity. The I-REC (HX) Product Code is based on a robust fact-based, ex-post, and technology-agnostic system and methodology to enable global trade in hydrogen and its derivatives. It provides a unique approach to the certification by combining several novel features such as interoperability of other I-REC Product Code Certificates (e.g., Electricity, Carbon Removal, Methane, Carbon Capture, etc.) and labels which demonstrate compliance with different regulations globally. The Code also outlines clear governance and quality control requirements that include validation and verification audits throughout the certification process. 

Marcel Hochar, Senior Vice President Middle East and Central Asia at Bureau Veritas, commented: 
“We are pleased to announce a pivotal step forward in hydrogen certification through the signing of this MoU with Avance. This strategic partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to fostering a sustainable future and signifies a collaborative effort to set industry benchmarks in international hydrogen trade. By combining our expertise and resources, we aim to accelerate the hydrogen market with rigorous certification processes that are essential for safety, reliability, and environmental sustainability”. 

Michael Tsang, Chief Carbon and Sustainability Officer at Avance, said: 
“Piloting the I-REC (HX) Code with support from Bureau Veritas as the Assurance Service Provider marks a significant step in advancing our commitment to establishing robust standards that enhance transparency and legitimacy to certification in the hydrogen industry. I am excited about the prospect of combining our expertise in hydrogen tracking and certification with Bureau Veritas' longstanding reputation for trust, transparency, and quality assurance. This collaboration underscores our shared dedication to set new benchmarks for reliability and credibility in the global hydrogen trade, ensuring that industry players can navigate this evolving landscape with confidence and integrity”.

The full press release of the Bureau Veritas and Avance Labs MOU can be found on Bureau Veritas website here.

For more information on the development of the Hydrogen Product Code, stakeholders, and interested parties, Avance Labs can be reached via or by emailing

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