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Generation-Z called for action
on climate change.

Encoding Hydrogen
We cannot manage what we do not measure
لن نتمكن من إدارة ما لا نستطيع قياسه
測れないものは 管理出来ない
Wir können nicht sinnvoll mit etwas umgehen, was wir nicht messen
측정할 수 없으면 관리할 수 없습니다
On ne peut pas gérer ce que l’on ne mesure pas
Lo que no se puede medir no se puede gestionar
Мы не можем управлять тем, что не измеряем.


Pooling together Molecules and Electrons in a race against time to
meet our planet’s net-zero emissions targets

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Avance Labs is an independent global hydrogen accelerator that leverages data science and carbon finance to accelerate the integration of hydrogen and its derivatives into the global energy transition

  • 17th January 2022
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE

Future Energy Summit

Join us on 17th January 2022 at the
Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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